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April 29, 2016

Lisa traveled from Chicago, IL to Sedona this winter and called us for a commercial and headshot photoshoot for her new website in her exciting new career as a Lightworker.   She is certified in a wide-array of energy and spiritual based modalities -to name a few: New Paradigm MDT™, Reiki (Master Teacher in the Usui system), Akashic Records, Crystal Healing, Vibrational and Sound Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditation.  We loved getting to know Lisa, creating these beautiful portraits of her in the Red Rocks and hearing about her new career.  Please check out her webiste,   Lisa, we wish you the very best and we hope you enjoyed visiting our lovely part of the world!

044-Sedona-Headshot-website 045-Sedona-Headshot-website 046-Sedona-Headshot-website 047-Sedona-Headshot-website 048-Sedona-Headshot-website 049-Sedona-Headshot-website 050-Sedona-Headshot-website 051-Sedona-Headshot-website 052-Sedona-Headshot-website 053-Sedona-Headshot-website

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April 01, 2016

We always like doing special projects for Northern Arizona Mountain Living Magazine, but this one has been one of our favorites!  Check out the magazine article here!   The ladies featured were Christa Sadler, an authority of rafting the Colorado River, Lexi Keene, an avid climber and instructor at the Flagstaff Climbing Gym, Alex Pavon who races mountain bikes for Flagstaff Bike Revolution, and Emily Harrison, professional runner for Nike, Nathan Sports and Team Run Flagstaff.  Emily is also a running coach for McMillan Running.   We loved getting to know each of these ladies better, and hearing of their adventures on cliffs, trails, bikes and water. Plus, they were great sports about my bad jokes to get natural smiles. 🙂  Also, a big thanks to Northern Arizona Glam Squad for their talent of makeup and hair! Thanks Lexi, Emily, Christa and Alex! It was a lot of fun photographing you all!!

044-headshots-flagstaff-studio 045-headshots-flagstaff-studio 046-headshots-flagstaff-studio 047-headshots-flagstaff-studio 048-headshots-flagstaff-studio 049-headshots-flagstaff-studio 050-headshots-flagstaff-studio 051-headshots-flagstaff-studio 052-headshots-flagstaff-studio 053-headshots-flagstaff-studio

March 09, 2016

In today’s technical climate, most people meet you online for the first time.  Your profile photo has become the new virtual handshake.  Did you know that we offer modern, professional headshots?  We love helping clients create images for their website, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.  It’s very fullfilling knowing that we’re helping our much loved clients become even more successful!  You can see more of our commercial work on our website, Studio TLP.

One of our clients called in December with exciting news, she was changing careers.  Zsuzsi, a lifetime scientist and researcher, Zsuzsi decided to turn in her lab coat and start an exciting career in real estate with Platinum Realty.  We couldn’t be more excited for her and we know she’s going to be very successful!  Congrats Zsuzsi!  We’re very excited for your new career!

032-flagstaff-headshots-arizona 033-flagstaff-headshots-arizona 034-flagstaff-headshots-arizona 035-flagstaff-headshots-arizona


February 25, 2016

We love doing headshots and especially when it’s because someone has just been hired and relocated to Flagstaff.  This month we were delighted to have met the new president of Coconino Community College, Dr. Colleen Smith.   joined Coconino Community College in February.  Originally from Texas, she and her husband moved recently from Western Wyoming to Flagstaff.  Dr. Smith earned her Ph.D. from Texas Woman’s University and both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Texas A&M Commerce (previously known as East Texas State University).   Congratulations Dr. Smith!


034-flagstaff-headshots-coconino 035-flagstaff-headshots-coconino 036.5-flagstaff-headshots-coconino 036-flagstaff-headshots-coconino 038-flagstaff-headshots-coconino

January 02, 2016

When the owner of Wanderlust Brewing Company called us for headshots of his staff, we expected the usual.  But when we dug in deeper with the project design, spearheaded by We Are William, we found out that the traditional headshot would be a creating for the staff would be little more fun.  The brewery was having a Sour Fest, highlighting sour beers, and needed shots of everyone with their best “sour face”.  It was a lot of fun working with everyone and laughing at their best pose.  We used some extra sour gummy bears to prompt their expressions and we think the final posters were awesome!  If you’re ever in Flagstaff, be sure and check out Wanderlust Brewing Company.  If you’re a beer lover, you’ll thank us, they have exceptional craft beer and a great tasting room.

042-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial (2) 043-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 044-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 045-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 046-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 047-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial

June 05, 2015

One of my brides, Carrie, just graduated with her Master’s degree in Biology from Northern Arizona University and is excited about entering the job market.  Naturally, she wanted to spruce up her LinkedIn account with a new, professional image.  I loved getting some great shots of her and listening to her aspirations.  Carrie will soon join the Diablo Trust as their executive director.  Congrats Carrie!

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