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September 15, 2016

Jennifer got the news that all of us with furry family members dread to hear…her beloved Oswald only has a few weeks to live.  Oswald has been with Jennifer all over the world, and even enjoyed living in Germany for a while with she and her husband.  He was there when they found his doggie siblings, Macy and Panda Bear, and there when they adopted their adorable little human child, Ava.  For a soul that has shared so much, it’s hard to even think of saying goodbye.  But therein lies the only fault with our animal friends, they have such short lives.   But their time with us brings us so much happiness, so much unconditional love, so it’s the price we pay to have them by our side, if only briefly.

I was so happy that Jennifer reached out to get these photos of Oswald.  I know that in the future, these images will provide some tears and loving memories of the spirit who first captured her heart.

I hope your final days are filled with love, belly rubs and all the bacon you can eat sweet boy.  After spending only a couple of hours with you, I can see why your family adores you so much.  Truly, when you do go to heaven, you will add one of the brightest stars in the sky.  Much love ~ Melissa

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March 25, 2016

We’ve all had animal friends in our life that fill up our heart and bring us so much joy that we feel like we want to burst.  This sweet girl, Stella, is one of those dogs.  Now that Stella’s face is turning grey, her family wanted to capture this amazing soul, so when the time comes, they’ll always have these precious images to remember her and her smile.  We loved spending the afternoon with her, her mom and dad, and siblings, Grayfus and Vespa.  Modeling is hard work Stella! We hope you got extra belly rubs and bacon snacks after!

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March 05, 2016

The Red Rocks and landscape in Sedona are always beautiful but especially in the fall.  We met the Sekhon-Bal Family at Los Abrigados for a few photos then finished our session at scenic Schnebly Hill. The day could not have been prettier and the Riehl Family could not have been more fun to work with!


February 01, 2016

This year we volunteered our time to photograph part of the Second Chance Center for Animals calendar.   This organization, in our hometown of Flastaff, is a vital part of the ongoing animal welfare here in our mountain town.  They “Rescue from the Rescues” and provide these animals a second chance for a forever home. They offer pet adoptions, humane education, pet behavior training and resources, and are the emergency designated animal welfare organization for Coconino County.  We were proud to be able to help their efforts in our community and feel very strongly that it’s important to give back.

This year, beautiful Mora was featured on the cover, back and for the month of December!  And Sweet Nesbah was chosen for the month of March.  It was such a fun project and of course, we left with a little piece of each dog’s heart in our own.

023-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 024-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 025-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 026-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 027-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 028-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 029-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 030-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 031-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait 032-Arizona-Pet-Dog-Portrait

January 21, 2016

We got to meet Syler the Boxer last summer the worst way possible.  His mom, a veterinarian at Canyon Pet Hospital in Flagstaff,  called to get a Ginger Session for him.  Our hearts drop when we get these calls because we know one of our animal friends is about to cross the Rainbow Bridge.  When we met Syler at Buffalo Park, he proved to be the sweetheart his mom told us he was and we instantly fell in love.  Syler lived a short while after our shoot and we’re so happy we were able to get these photos so his family can always remember him forever.    We hope heaven has plenty of belly rubs, bowls of mac-n-cheese and squirrels to chase sweet boy.  Till we meet again…xoxo

001-flagstaff-pet-boxers 002-flagstaff-pet-boxers 003-flagstaff-pet-boxers 004-flagstaff-pet-boxers 005-flagstaff-pet-boxers 006-flagstaff-pet-boxers

June 18, 2015

I know Erica from Canyon Pet Hospital where she is a nurse and helped take care of our Molly during all of her surgeries two years ago.  From that experience, I got to know that Erica is passionate about her job and has a kind heart made of gold.  She and the staff at Canyon are the very reason Molly not only survived, but thrived, all of her surgeries and ultimate leg amputation.  I owe Molly’s health to all of them. Thank you Erica 🙂   Erica’s coworkers surprised Erica with a gift certificate for a photo session when little Nora was born.   Now that Nora is 6 months old, and summertime is finally here in Flagstaff, Kristen and I finally got to meet the rest of the Pillow clan.

Erica and Mike (who is a Fish Biologist with the US Fish and Wildlife Service), are parents to not only two adorable human kids, Wyatt and Nora, but also to Boxers Charlie and Ginger, a rescued horse named Joy, a mule named Carlos and eight chickens.  We had a great time hanging out on their beautiful property and playing with the kids and all the animals.

Thank you for letting us create these memories for you Erica and Mike!  We hope to see you all very soon!  (Except not for sick pets Erica 🙂  ~ Melissa

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