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June 13, 2016

We are Sedona wedding photographers, and because of that, we see some very spectacular beauty on a regular basis.  But sometimes, Sedona surprises us with some of the some breathtaking sunsets we’ve ever seen.  Janet and Omar choose the popular Merry Go Round Rock location for their intimate ceremony and on this particular summer day, the skies graced us with a gorgeous sunset like we’ve never seen before.  The way the sun kissed the clouds before it dipped behind the horizon was just amazing.  As the couple said their vows, the sky became more and more dramatic.  It was a show like we’ve never seen before and we consider ourselves so lucky to have been there to witness such a sweet ceremony and the sunset all at once.  Congrats Janet and Omar!  We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

046-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 048-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 049-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 050-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 051-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 052-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 053-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 054-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 055-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 056-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer 057-Sedona-wedding-red-rock-photographer

Location:  Merry Go Round Rock

Flowers:  Mountain High Floral

Photography:  Tangled Lilac Photography

Wedding Gown:  Mon Cheri

May 17, 2016

A few weeks ago we photographed Jenny & Joe’s wedding at the beautiful Boojum Tree in Phoenix. Their afternoon could not have been more perfect for this special couple. The day was relaxed and filled with laughter and fun with their closest family and friends. We wish all the best for Jenny, Joe and their sweet dog Sprout!


April 07, 2016

Ellie and Frank met online on a photography forum website.  Frank commented on one of Elizabeth’s photos, “You live in a beautiful part of the world” and the rest is history.  The two developed a friendship online, and when they finally met in person, they fell in love.  Many trips across the pond, this couple’s relationship deepened and they knew they couldn’t live without the other.  Their wedding at the Colton House in Flagstaff, AZ was heartfelt, sweet and sentimental.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the house as they exchanged vows and we loved how much they were all adored by their family and friends.  Congrats Elizabeth and Frank!

044-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 045.5-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 045-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 046.5-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 046-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 047-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 048-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 049.5-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 049-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 050-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 051-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 052-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 053-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 054-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 055-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 056-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 057-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 058-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 059-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 060-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house 063-flagstaff-wedding-colton-house

March 10, 2016

Marilla and Mitch are both avid rockcliimbers and wanted to have their ceremony on a beautiful overlook in Sedona where they love to climb.  The couple planned for a small, intimate ceremomy so they could all make the one mile hike up the cliff to the ceremony place.  However, they didn’t think it would snow and ice in Sedona.  The day before the ceremony, the couple tried to ascend the mountain and quickly found out that the ice and snow was going to prohibit that location.  So, they decided on the base of the trail instead, in a lovely meadown near Cockscomb Trailhead.   We think it was the perfect place for them to join their lives together, with panaramic views of the mountains surrounding them.  Congrats Marilla and Mitch!  We are so excited for you both and wish you the best!

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February 11, 2016

Craig and Suzeth were married at Riordian Mansion here in Flagstaff last Saturday.  It was a perfect winter day here…sunny, and warm (well, for Flagstaff)  Like most weddings, everything was running a little behind.  While I was waiting, I got to meet many of the couples’s friends and family members and got to know a little bit more about this sweet couple.  It was heart warming to hear of their committment to their faith, and how it guided their relationship.  During the ceremony, the couple had communion.  When Craig started crying, I almost couldn’t focus the camera because I was crying too.  Congrats Suzeth and Craig!  We wish you a lifetime of love and happiness!

023-flagstaff-wedding-snow 024-flagstaff-wedding-snow 025-flagstaff-wedding-snow 026-flagstaff-wedding-snow 027-flagstaff-wedding-snow 028-flagstaff-wedding-snow 029-flagstaff-wedding-snow 030-flagstaff-wedding-snow 031-flagstaff-wedding-snow

January 19, 2016

Jill and Travis were married this past fall in a beautiful ceremony at San Francisco de Asis church amoung family and friends.  Weather in October can be hit or miss in the high country.  Some years it will be 70F and some years it will be a heavy winter snow storm.  This particular day, we had a mixture of both.  By the time the ceremomy started, the winds and snow started to fall and we were certain that we wouldn’t get any outdoor photos of this sweet couple.  But, by the time we drove up to Snowbowl Resort for the reception, it actually turned out to be the most beautiful day we’ve seen in a long time on the mountain.  The overcast skies seemed to saturate the golden aspens even more and the clouds made for a gorgeous sunset.  Jill and Travis were such a joy to work with and we were so expecially happy that their wedding day was perfect.


039-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 040-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 041-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 042-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 043-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 044-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 045-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 046-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 047-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 048-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 049-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 050-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 051-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 052-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 053-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 054-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 055-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall 056-flagstaff-snow-wedding-fall


Wedding Team:

Ceremony:  San Francisco de Asis

Reception:  Arizona Snowbowl Resort

Floral Design:  Sutcliffe Floral Designs

Bridal Gown:  La Bella Bridal Boutique in Occoquan, VA

Groom’s Suit:  Jim’s Formal Wear

Bridal Makeup:  Lisa Lorenzo

Bridal Hair Design:  Amy at Bliss 619

Wedding Cake:  Jacqueline Rose Cakery

Entertainment:  Desert Music Entertainment

Shuttle Service:  Flagtaff Shuttle and Charter