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March 23, 2016

We’ve been anxiously awaiting this little man’s arrival ever since Erin told us that he was on the way.  We love watching our client’s families grow!  It seems like yesterday that we did Harper’s newborn session and now she’s the proud and ever devoted big sister!  We can’t wait to watch you grow up sweet Royce!  Welcome to the world!

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September 16, 2014

We can’t believe that little Kensie is Four months old!  It seems like yesterday that we were at Flagstaff Medical Center waiting for her arrival.  We always love using props in baby session and we adore this piece of luggage.  Mom, Kristen, found this piece of luggage in an antique shop before she was married and decided to use it as a theme for Kensie’s photo sessions in her first year.  Kristen and Adam took this luggage on their honeymoon, so it’s not only super cute, but ultra sentimental.  We can’t wait to see you at your six month shoot little angel!

baby in luggage flagstaff






August 15, 2013

Last week we had the honor of meeting this little angel, Elsa Margaret.  We loved getting to know this little slice of heaven and she definitely stole both of our hearts.  Congratulations Becky and Brian on your newest family member!
Flagstaff-Newborn-Sedona Flagstaff-Newborn-Sedona-baby-feet Flagstaff-Newborn-Sedona-baby Flagstaff-Newborn-Sedona-baby-fur Flagstaff-Newborn-Sedona-baby-ski   Flagstaff-Newborn-Sedona-baby-turquoise

May 29, 2013

I’ve been waiting a long time to meet this little angel, about five years.

You see, the moment when TC and Carrie started dating, we all knew they’d get married, and we all hoped they’d one day have a baby.  So, I was thrilled when they announced to Grant and I this past winter that they were expecting.  And, I was over the moon when I found out it was a little girl!

I did a lot of thinking about what I’d say to her when I met little Miss Maggie, but as I expected, when I did have the chance to hold her in my arms I forgot everything.  In fact, the love that filled my heart at the very moment seemed SO big that it seemed to consume the whole world.

So I wrote down a few very important things.

Dear Maggie,

I’m your Aunt Melissa.  And no, we’re not related by blood, but I’ve found out over the years that families transcend the traditional boundaries.  And I love you just as much as family.

I promise to sing you John Denver songs when you’re crying.  I suspect that my off key voice will stop you and make you wonder what on earth could create such a sound and John Denver lyrics, let’s face it, are some of the sweetest, loving and hopeful words ever.  It’s my secret weapon for crying babies.

I promise to buy you ice cream on your first day of school for the rest of your life.  As a matter of fact, I promise to buy you ice cream anytime you want it.  And, I’ll even take you out of school occasionally so we can do this (shhhh…don’t tell your parents!).  Some of my best memories are sitting at over a bowl of ice cream and telling my sister and mom the happenings of my day.   I hope we can have some of those special moments too.

I promise to share with you some of my treasured secrets: my mom’s recipe for chocolate chip-pecan-oatmeal cookies, how to call in chickadees to your bird feeder, and how to say “Go Dawgs” at just the right time to make your Mom and Dad laugh.

I promise to support you in whatever brings you joy and happiness.  Especially if it includes going to the University of Georgia. 🙂

I promise to let you cry on my shoulder when a someone breaks your heart.  And I promise that you’ll find your perfect someone one day, and I’ll remind you of this in your dating years.

I promise to tell you funny and sweet stories about your Mom and Dad, how they met and fell in love.  I’ll also tell you about how they were so happy when they learned about you.   I’ll also tell you of how they both cried the day they met you;  they thought you were the sweetest and most beautiful thing they had ever seen.  And, they were right.

Welcome to the world my sweet girl, I can hardly wait for the days to come!

With love always ~ “Auntie” Melissa










flagstaff newborn

January 28, 2013

There is nothing more awesome than to watch a family grow.  Back in 2009 I got to photograph these two as they joined their lives together.  It was one of those weddings where everyone was tearing up at the scenerity of their vows.  I dare you to look at their ceremony photos and not want to cry!  When Amee called me this past December and told me she was expecting, my eyes got all teared up again.  Amee and Thomas are going to make the most perfect parents and I absolutely can’t wait to meet the little Byers baby coming this August.   I also loved how they decided to announce the arrival of their sweet baby with the below card.  So unique and sweet, just like Amee and Thomas.  Congrats you two!  I can’t wait to meet your little angel! ~ Melissa

Sedona Family Portrait

Portrait Sedona

Sedona Portrait Photographer

May 14, 2012

Nothing makes us smile more than doing a newborn session, unless, of course, the family dog comes along.  I met Lauren and Justin back in 2009 when they were first engaged and we did some engagement photos of the two of them with their sweet boxer, Myra.  Then, I got to meet another family dog, Big Guy, to do a special holiday present photo session for his owner.    I couldn’t have been more excited when we got the email from Lauren announcing that she and Justin were expecting their first  baby!  And, Lauren is so stylish, so it was no surprise to me when she brought the most delightful props for the session!  These hats are some of cutest ones I’ve even seen!  Little Kendal was a such a sweetie for this session, she dozed for most of time only opening her eyes for a few brief moments.  And Myra loves this baby!  She just wanted to be beside her the whole time.  I can imagine they are going to enjoy growing up together!  Welcome to the world little Kendal!  ~ Melissa and Kristen Sedona Wedding Photographer, Tangled Lilac

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