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The City of Flagstaff and the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau were looking for some images for a campaign that promoted the close proximity to Phoenix baseball and the Grand Canyon. We live in a spectacular part of the world and are within two hours of some awesome places with Sedona, Prescott and the Grand Canyon all in our backyard. Having the Grand Canyon, a natural wonder of the world, only 75 miles from my front door, is such a treasure. I’m probably at the Grand Canyon once a week, on average, for weddings and I love how different it looks each time I’m there. It’s a beautiful place for portraits, weddings and commercial shoots like this one.


Grand Canyon has some spectacular locations to choose from but we chose Lipan Point at the Grand Canyon because of it’s grand views, beautiful outcroppings and a great view of the Colorado River. I think it’s one of my favorite overlooks at the Grand Canyon National Park. However, it’s not best for anyone with issues with heights. There are drop offs at each angle of approach and you’ll need secure footwear and no vertigo to navigate them.


Jerome and his daughter, Grace, are clients and friends of mine. When the City of Flagstaff described the models they needed for the shoot, I knew they’d be perfect. Plus I loved the thought of using a real father-daughter relationship for this commercial photo session.  I try and use organic situations when I can because they lead to better, natural expressions.  I did Grace’s newborn photos and can’t believe she’s this old now. Where does the time go?


If you want to visit Lipan Point, I recommend approaching it from the East Entrance of Grand Canyon National Park. Plus, that route will take you through the vast lands of the Navajo Nation and it’s beautiful landscape. On a clear day, you’ll even be able to see the Painted Desert in the distance on your drive.  Sunset and sunrise are both spectacular times to visit this gorgeous point.



The Grand Canyon is a magical place to photograph. Every time I go there, I’m met with different cloud coverage and hues of the magestic rock walls. Keep in mind, however, if you’re planning a commercial shoot, you’ll need a permit to do so. I’m a big proponent of permits and how they help regulate the impact of our public lands.

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We were excited to be the Flagstaff headshot photographers for the directors at The Northern Arizona Intergovernmental Public Transportation Authority (NAIPTA) and to be able to do their portraits outside in beautiful Flagstaff.  NAIPTA is the transit agency in northern Arizona operating the Mountain Line, Mountain Lift and Mountain Link systems in Flagstaff.

NAIPTA also coordinates with Campus Shuttle Service at Northern Arizona University. Established in 2001, NAIPTA has grown into a system that employs more than 75 people and transports nearly 2 million riders a year.

This was a fun bunch to work with and we loved learning more about our transportation system in Flagstaff.  As avid bicycle commuters, it was great to also learn about the bike and bus program and how the bus system can easily help cyclists by their easy on and off bicycle rack system.

If you’re traveling to Flagstaff and want to ease your worries about transportation, check out their tip page here!

Thank you to Jeff Meilbeck and his team for being part of the Tangled Lilac family!  Check out more about this dynamic team on their website!

046-Flagstaff-headshot-photographer 049-Flagstaff-headshot-photographer 050-Flagstaff-headshot-photographer 051-Flagstaff-headshot-photographer 052-Flagstaff-headshot-photographer



Lisa traveled from Chicago, IL to Sedona this winter and called us for a commercial and headshot photoshoot for her new website in her exciting new career as a Lightworker.   She is certified in a wide-array of energy and spiritual based modalities -to name a few: New Paradigm MDT™, Reiki (Master Teacher in the Usui system), Akashic Records, Crystal Healing, Vibrational and Sound Therapy, and Mindfulness Meditation.  We loved getting to know Lisa, creating these beautiful portraits of her in the Red Rocks and hearing about her new career.  Please check out her webiste,   Lisa, we wish you the very best and we hope you enjoyed visiting our lovely part of the world!

044-Sedona-Headshot-website 045-Sedona-Headshot-website 046-Sedona-Headshot-website 047-Sedona-Headshot-website 048-Sedona-Headshot-website 049-Sedona-Headshot-website 050-Sedona-Headshot-website 051-Sedona-Headshot-website 052-Sedona-Headshot-website 053-Sedona-Headshot-website


We always like doing special projects for Northern Arizona Mountain Living Magazine, but this one has been one of our favorites!  Check out the magazine article here!   The ladies featured were Christa Sadler, an authority of rafting the Colorado River, Lexi Keene, an avid climber and instructor at the Flagstaff Climbing Gym, Alex Pavon who races mountain bikes for Flagstaff Bike Revolution, and Emily Harrison, professional runner for Nike, Nathan Sports and Team Run Flagstaff.  Emily is also a running coach for McMillan Running.   We loved getting to know each of these ladies better, and hearing of their adventures on cliffs, trails, bikes and water. Plus, they were great sports about my bad jokes to get natural smiles. 🙂  Also, a big thanks to Northern Arizona Glam Squad for their talent of makeup and hair! Thanks Lexi, Emily, Christa and Alex! It was a lot of fun photographing you all!!

044-headshots-flagstaff-studio 045-headshots-flagstaff-studio 046-headshots-flagstaff-studio 047-headshots-flagstaff-studio 048-headshots-flagstaff-studio 049-headshots-flagstaff-studio 050-headshots-flagstaff-studio 051-headshots-flagstaff-studio 052-headshots-flagstaff-studio 053-headshots-flagstaff-studio

January 02, 2016

When the owner of Wanderlust Brewing Company called us for headshots of his staff, we expected the usual.  But when we dug in deeper with the project design, spearheaded by We Are William, we found out that the traditional headshot would be a creating for the staff would be little more fun.  The brewery was having a Sour Fest, highlighting sour beers, and needed shots of everyone with their best “sour face”.  It was a lot of fun working with everyone and laughing at their best pose.  We used some extra sour gummy bears to prompt their expressions and we think the final posters were awesome!  If you’re ever in Flagstaff, be sure and check out Wanderlust Brewing Company.  If you’re a beer lover, you’ll thank us, they have exceptional craft beer and a great tasting room.

042-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial (2) 043-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 044-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 045-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 046-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial 047-Flagstaff-headshots-commercial

January 16, 2015

Profile shots


Are you still using that super cool photo of yourself fly fishing in Idaho as your LinkedIn profile photo or worse, not have one at all? Really? With more and more employers using LinkedIn, it’s more important than ever to have a great profile photo. Why? Your profile is more likely to be viewed if you have a photo, and even more likely to be viewed if you have a professional headshot. You don’t get a second chance of a first impression, and more than ever, that first impression is a virtual one.

Here’s some tips to get a great professional headshot:

1. Keep it current: If your photo is more than two years old, it’s time for a new headshot. Hairstyles change, we all age, and you want your potential employers and clients to recognize you when you meet them.

2. Fill the frame with your face:   If an employer is looking through 150+ profiles named “John Smith” on their small tablet, they are not going to recognize you from a full body shot. You’ll want your face to fill most of the profile space.

3. Choose your expression wisely:   Think about your audience. Are you seeking a new job? Are you looking for credibility with potential customers? Are you trying to put customers at ease by letting them know what a nice person you are? We recommend a gentle smile or the smile-with-your-eyes. Don’t look too serious, unless your audience needs to see that.

4. Choose a non distracting wardrobe:   If you’re applying for a position in the Jimmy Buffet tour, then yes, by all means, rock that Hawaiian shirt. Otherwise, choose clothes that are non distracting to let you shine. Also, since your headshots will focus on your face, don’t wear anything too close to your chin. Wear colors that look good on you and if you don’t know, ask your closest girlfriends, they’ll be sure and tell you the truth.

5. Choose a neutral background:  Keep the background as neutral as possible. We prefer white, grey or black. If you prefer to have an outdoor photo, use a background that won’t compete with you.

6. Use a Professional:   You don’t get a second chance at a first impression and the investment in a professional headshot is always worth the cost. Professionals will be able to use creative lighting, great backdrops and give you clothing and posing tips to make you look your best.

If you’d like a professional headshot, give us a call! We love helping our clients put their best face forward! We even offer specials for groups of 5 or more individuals. Contact us at or call 928-774-0220 for more information.


Most of us use social media and the internet (probably too much). So when it comes to the hiring process, companies can do a quick internet search, look up your social profiles and learn quite a good deal about you.

But did you know they might be able to find out more than where you live and your pet names? In fact, with a new tool from Five Labs, they may be able to learn big things about your personality with the help of your Facebook profile.

Five Labs examines the linguistic content of Facebook wall posts, pulling key words to make strikingly accurate estimates about individual personalities.

The method is based on a study published by H. Andrew Schwartz and colleagues from the University of Pennsylvania’s World Well-Being Project. An advisor to Five, Mr. Schwartz’s research on language and personality was featured in the Public Library of Science (PLOS) in September 2013.

The application’s predictions are based around the Big Five personality traits: the leading personality theory in modern psychology. According to the theory, personality is based on the following five characteristics: extraversion (how socially energetic you are), openness (how intellectually curious you are)., neuroticism (how easily you experience unpleasant emotions), conscientiousness (how dependable you are), and agreeableness (how cooperative you are).

If nothing else, it’s a fun tool and give you an excuse to waste more time on the internet. It even compares your profile with famous people and tell you what percentage you have in common. Melissa even found out that she’s 81% compatible with Oprah Winfrey! Now what are you waiting for? Go check it out!


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