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Arron graduated from Coconino High School and is attending Northern Arizona University this year.  We loved that he brought along his French horn and his concert tux.  A native of Texas, this brave young man started his senior year at a new high school.  We also loved meeting his younger brother, Ryan, who joined us for a few photos.  Congrats Arron, we look forward to your bright future!

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We love this time of year when we get to feature some of the amazing young people we meet who are amoung the Class of 2016.  This young lady is no exception and has lived up to her name in many ways.  Not only is Hope a student at Coconino High School, a Crossfit Flagstaff athlete, but Hope is also a cancer survivor.  In talking with Hope, we came to find out that she used Crossfit as a way to fight the cancer, and in it, she found something she didn’t expect:  a family of new friends who have supported her through her treatment.  Now cancer free, Hope is looking forward to her future.  We’re so inspired by this young lady and can’t wait to see what her future will bring.  Congratulations Hope!

046-Flagstaff-senior-aspen-outdoor 047-Flagstaff-senior-aspen-outdoor 048-Flagstaff-senior-aspen-outdoor 049-Flagstaff-senior-aspen-outdoor 050-Flagstaff-senior-aspen-outdoor 051-Flagstaff-senior-aspen-outdoor


Dain is graduating from Flagstaff High School next month and we were delighted to have been able to capture this time in his life.  Dain is such a sweet young man and we really enjoyed getting to hear about his hopes and plans for the future.  Dain is a hockey player for Flagstaff High School, the Flagstaff Avalanches, and aspires to play at the collegiate or farm league level.  We wish him the best of luck and know whatever he chooses, he will succeed!  Congrats Dain!

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Working in a different city is good for the creative juices and seems to inspire.  We were delighted to travel to Knoxville, TN to photograph this beautiful young lady for her senior photos.  Becca is graduation from Bearden High School this coming May and wanted to go to the trendy Market Square in downtown Knoxville for her portraits.  We loved the energy of this area, the musicians playing in the square and the great smells from the sidewalk cafes.  This young lady has an exciting future ahead of her with hopes of attending the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Go Mocs!!) in the fall.  We wish you the best Becca!  Congrats!

032-knoxville-senior-bearden 033-knoxville-senior-bearden 034-knoxville-senior-bearden 035-knoxville-senior-bearden 036-knoxville-senior-bearden 037-knoxville-senior-bearden 038-knoxville-senior-bearden 039-knoxville-senior-bearden 040-knoxville-senior-bearden

January 22, 2016

Belle is graduating from Trion High School this May and we were so delighted to have been able to capture this special time in her life.  Belle wanted something a little different for her senior photos so we brainstormed and decided on the ecletic, artsy and urban Southside district of Chattanooga, Tennessee.  It was a beautiful day, and a near miss with a huge thunderstorm, and we enjoyed exploring the downtown area.  I loved the fantastic murals of the Southside and the artsy vibe of that neighborhood.  We ended the shoot in the North Shore area of Chattanooga with a walk on the fantastic Walnut Street Bridge.  Congratulations Belle and we’re excited to see what your future holds! xoxo


007-chattanooga-senior-high-school 008-chattanooga-senior-high-school 009-chattanooga-senior-high-school 010-chattanooga-senior-high-school 011-chattanooga-senior-high-school 012-chattanooga-senior-high-school 013-chattanooga-senior-high-school 014-chattanooga-senior-high-school 015-chattanooga-senior-high-school 016-chattanooga-senior-high-school


Corbin, a senior at Shadow Ridge High School,  met us at Papago Park for his senior photos.  We knew when he pulled up in a souped up Subaru Impreza WRX,, we had a mechanic on our hands.  Corbin loves cars and told us about fixing up his Subaru and how much he loved learning about how they work.  It was great getting to know this smart young man as we walked around the park with his girlfriend.

Congrats on your graduation Corbin!  We know your future will hold much success!







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