March 08, 2013

In the summer of 2011, two of my dearest friends got married.  It’s an amazing thing to see two people meet, fall in love and start a family, and this time, being that it’s Carrie and T.C., well, it’s really amazing.  Of course, when Carrie told me she was pregnant, I asked her about maternity photos.  She seemed a bit reluctant, so I didn’t mention it again.  But then, I got lucky, all her other friends started to bug her about them.  I then told Carrie about a photo I have of my own mom; she was pregnant with my brother and it’s definitely one of my favorites I have of her.   I’ve always said, I shoot for the kids in 40 years, just as much as I photograph for the parents.  I want this little girl to know just how happy her mom was to have been given this wonderful gift, a precious life to love.  And Carrie, well, you can see just how much she radiates happiness.  It’s pretty amazing to look at all the photos and feel all the love seeping through.  And the best part?  This is our first baby girl Chippy!  We have a group of gal pals in Flagstaff, and we’ve named ourselves Chippies.  (Our mascot is a Chipmunk)  It’s kind of a silly adult sorority, but one that we all rely on for strength, support and love when we need it the most.  So here’s to this little baby Chippy who is expected to arrive in early May; we’re all so excited to meet you and to shower you with love!  ~ Melissa






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