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October 22, 2016

I’m not only lucky to have this beautiful family as clients, but also as friends.  This family has been entwined in my life for over 13 years.  (where does the time go??).  It’s been quite the journey…from having Adam as my roommate in 2003, to him and Kristen dating, getting engaged, married and the birth of their sweet munchkin Kensie, not to mention all the wonderful, crazy moments in between all the milestones.   We’ve all been through a lot together and they’ve all shared some of my most joyful, precious and even sad moments of my life.   They were cheerleaders to me to start my own photography business in 2007 and I’ll always be so thankful for their support and love.  I always look forward to photographing them and watching Kensie grow up really has been a privilege.   It was wonderful spending the afternoon with them and their parents.  Love all you lots!!  xoxo ~ Melissa

098-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 099-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 100-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 101-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 103-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 104-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 105-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 106-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 107-5-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 107-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 108-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 109-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 111-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets 112-flagstaff-family-photographer-aspens-dogs-pets

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June 30, 2016

As Flagstaff Family Photographer we meet a lot of families and this one is not only beautiful on the outside but also very sweet and kind.  The Golightly children wanted to surprise their mom with updated portraits for Mother’s Day, how cute is that!?  We chose to photograph their portraits in their backyard and take advantage of the natural beauty surrounding their home.  It is crazy how quickly children grow and change, I know this was a wonderful gift that their mother will cherish!


February 04, 2013

Melissa and I were elated to photograph three local writers for the February issue of Northern Arizona’s Mountain Living Magazine.    We got the pleasure of meeting and photographing author Elias Butler, poet Ann Walka and adventurer Tyler Williams.  All three writers were asked to bring in artifacts that described themselves and their writing so we could add a personal touch to their studio portraits.  I always enjoy getting to know new people and learn about their life and passions.  It was so much fun photographing these three, they made our job easy to do!  ~Kristen

magazine, cover photo, mountain living magazine

Elias butler who graced the cover of the magazine, brought his four legged companion, Finn.  Elias told us that Finn goes on most of his travels and hikes that add to his writing and landscape photography.

dog photography, pet portrait, flagstaff studio Photography

Ann Walka is so sweet, she really brought a smile to our faces!  Ann is a Flagstaff local poet photographed wither her favorite journal that is always by her side.

portrait, flagstaff photographer, books

Tyler Williams writes guidebooks for Cayoneering and Paddling so he brought lots of fun props!  Tyler told us that his red down coat had been on many adventures with him, we couldn’t tell:)

paddle, canyoneering, portrait

photographed by Tangled Lilac Photography

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