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I just love living in the college town of Flagstaff.  Northern Arizona University, with its 20,000 students, brings so much to the table.  Each year, I get symphony tickets, go see various plays, volunteer with my alumni sorority, get to see some great collegiate sporting events and even get to use the Sky Dome to do some serious leg exercises sprinting to and from the bottom of the field.  But my favorite part is meeting wonderful students each year as they prepare to graduate.

Nikki came to her session with some great props and a smile that lit up all of Old Main.  She was so sweet and I loved hearing about her future plans, all wrapped up in fresh excitement that made me excited for her.

We chose Old Main, the oldest part of NAU, for her photos.  The historic buildings stand tall over the grassy lawn, and remind everyone who pass, they are part of a larger future of NAU graduates.

Congratulations Nikki!  I can’t wait to hear where the future takes you. ~ Melissa

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Arron graduated from Coconino High School and is attending Northern Arizona University this year.  We loved that he brought along his French horn and his concert tux.  A native of Texas, this brave young man started his senior year at a new high school.  We also loved meeting his younger brother, Ryan, who joined us for a few photos.  Congrats Arron, we look forward to your bright future!

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June 05, 2015

One of my brides, Carrie, just graduated with her Master’s degree in Biology from Northern Arizona University and is excited about entering the job market.  Naturally, she wanted to spruce up her LinkedIn account with a new, professional image.  I loved getting some great shots of her and listening to her aspirations.  Carrie will soon join the Diablo Trust as their executive director.  Congrats Carrie!


Alexa will be graduating from Northern Arizona University in May with her degree in Accounting and English.  Alexa has kept very busy during her college years, she works at Bed Bath & Beyond, is a student mentor for the College of  Business and is currently the President of her service sorority.  Alexa often works with Paw Placement of Northern Arizona to help rescue animals.  Animals have always been a big part of her life so she thought it would only be fitting to share her senior photography session with her cat Jax.  We asked Alexa some questions about her and Jax to get to know them a little better.

What is your pet’s official name and how did he get it?

His name is Jax, but when I need to be stern it’s Jackson!  When I rescued him he had been named Jackie because he was dropped off to Jackie, who works at Coconino Humane association, on her birthday.  My sister’s name is Jacquie, but her name tag at work says Jaxx.  I was also watching a lot of Sons of Anarchy at the time.

What is your best guess at your Jax’s breed?

He is a domestic longhair, but looks to be a bit of Norwegian Forest Cat. 

How and where did you get your pet?  

I lost a cat I had rescued from Coconino Humane Association about five months after having her due to undetected cancer that had developed in her lungs and intestines.  Immediately afterwards I was approached by Paw Placement of Northern Arizona to foster four kittens for a week.  The day they were picked up by their new foster I went to PetSmart and ended up coming home with him!

 Please share Jax Rescue Story:

I have always had the mindset that if there are cats still in the shelter, I cannot have an empty home.  Just a week after my cat passed I was looking at all the rescues at PetSmart just browsing, not really with any intentions yet.  I had developed a great relationship with Jackie, from the Coconino Humane Association, who often works at PetSmart since she helped me adopt my first cat.  I started petting Jackie the cat, and we had an immediate connection through the cage bars! He was such a lovebug! Jackie explained his story to me. He used to live with a family, but when they moved, they left him outside.  The neighbor tried to take care of him, leaving out food and such, and he kept trying to get into her house.  She couldn’t have a pet, and she began to worry about him so she took him to CHA.  The neighbor would still visit him and bring him sardines and brush his long gorgeous hair while he was up for adoption.  As I was about to leave Jackie seemed frustrated.  One of the other workers had not taken a cat back to the shelter so she did not have room for all the animals at PetSmart.  I told her, well, I will take this little guy then, and you will have more room. 

If you could have your dream job, what would that be?

I really want to start my own animal rescue, and a foundation for mental health awareness.

How  would you describe yourself and your style?

I’m very laidback, down to earth, and practical.  But I do enjoy the occasional girly night out, and often you will catch me in some sort of workout attire.  I try and be really active these days, mainly so I can eat as many cheeseburgers as I want. 

Where do you plan on going or plan on doing after graduation? 

I plan on continuing my job with Bed Bath & Beyond as the Customer Service Trainer. In addition to this I will be studying to take the CPA exam.

Where do you think you’ll be in five to 10 years? What do you think you’ll be doing?

I have no idea, and I think it is very exciting! I used to have this ten year plan of everything I wanted to do.  But I’ve recently had a new perspective on life and I am just seeing where all these opportunities lead me. 

Thank you Alexa & Jax for spending time with us!  We wish you the best of luck with your very bright future!  ~Kristen




Let me introduce you to beautiful Kelsey!  Kelsey contacted Melissa and I  for a photo shoot to document her senior year of college.   Kelsey will be graduating from Northern Arizona University in May with a degree in Interior Design and has accepted a job at the Flagstaff Design Center.  We had so much fun laughing with this girl and getting to know her.  The first part of her shoot was with her sweet puppy Ruby at Thorpe Park and then we finished up downtown Flagstaff.  Congratulations to Kelsey and thank you for letting us capture this exciting time in your life! -Kristen

College Senior_Northern Arizona University_Flagstaff Portrait Photography

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