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October 18, 2016

I’ve known Miranda since she was about seven years old and I could hardly believe it when her Dad, Dave, called me for her senior photos.  Dave and I have served on the board of Flagstaff Biking Organization together for a long time.  It’s a bicycle advocacy group here in Flagstaff with a mission to get more people and kids on bikes for health and the environment.   Specifically, he and I have a passion for Bike to Work Week and our elementary school children program of Bicycle Rodeos, which teaches safe riding for kids.  Dave also recently retired from the Flagstaff Police Department and has participated in the Police Unity Tour for many years.  I’ve always been thankful for his service and dedication to the public.

When I first met Miranda, she was just getting into mountain biking.  I remember her first ‘race’ in downtown Flagstaff where she and her sister rode one mile and at the end, collected a medal with hundreds of other kids.  Her big grin and laugh were contagious.   While her Dad lived in Flagstaff, Miranda, and her sister live in Camp Verde, so a couple of years would go by before I would see them again.  This was the case when Dave called for her senior session.  When Miranda showed up for her photo shoot, I almost didn’t recognize her.  She is no longer the little girl of my memory, but a beautiful and smart young lady.  However, that gorgeous smile is still the same.  Miranda will be graduating from Camp Verde High School this coming May and I can’t wait to see what the future brings for her.  Congrats Miranda!  xoxo ~ Melissa

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We chose Red Rock Crossing State Park for her senior session.  I love discovering old locations and being inspired by the changes in the landscape and foliage.   I’m usually at this park as a Sedona Wedding Photographer, and it’s always wonderful to be able to photograph seniors and families at my favorite locations.   I’m loving being a Camp Verde Senior Photographer this year and getting to know many of the students there!

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July 21, 2016

Sometimes it’s sureal living so close to Sedona.  In 21 short miles from downtown Flagstaff, we can be looking at scenery that every time, blows me away.  If you’ve ever had the chance to visit there, you know what I’m talking about.  And if not, get it on your bucket list.

One of the cool things about Sedona is Oak Creek.  In Flagstaff, we don’t have a lot of water, so it’s a real treat to have a running creek so close to home.  It’s nice to escape there during our warmer months, and be able to stick our toes into the clear, pristine water or fly fish the native trout.  As Sedona Wedding Photographers, Red Rock Crossing is one of our favorite places to shoot.  The grounds are diverse, with trees, tall grasses, and of course the creek.  Depending on the season, the water could be high or low making for unique photos every time.  But, one of the most amazing things, in my opinion, is the breathtaking overlook on the way to Red Rock Crossing.  It’s one that many people drive by all the time with out stopping, and definitely off the beaten path.  If you ever find your way in Sedona, plan on a sunset stop here.

055-Sedona-Engagement-Photographer-Red-Rocks 056-Sedona-Engagement-Photographer-Red-Rocks 057-Sedona-Engagement-Photographer-Red-Rocks 058-Sedona-Engagement-Photographer-Red-Rocks 059-Sedona-Engagement-Photographer-Red-Rocks 060-Sedona-Engagement-Photographer-Red-Rocks 061-Sedona-Engagement-Photographer-Red-Rocks

January 07, 2015

This special couple traveled to Sedona from the mid west to say I do and honeymoon. Karen and Steve love the outdoors and hiking so they thought Sedona was the perfect spot. The only requirement was that there had to be water involved:) Karen & Steve had their intimate ceremony with red rock views and then strolled along the creek at Crescent Moon Ranch. Congratulations Karen & Steve, we hope you have a blast at your reception back home!



June 14, 2013

Elizabeth and Michael were married a couple weeks ago at the beautiful Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa. The couple, along with their coordinator Liz Moler, made the day absolutely spectacular. We started with their first look and couple photos at Crescent Moon Ranch. Crescent Moon Ranch gives you the best of both worlds, the scenic red rocks and the gorgeous green trees and creek. Elizabeth was a absolutely stunning bride, her hair and makeup was done by the fabulous Janell from Tirzah Salon.  Her gorgeous dress was accented perfectly by an amazing ivory and purple bouquet from Amy at Bliss Extraordinary Floral.


I always love when a couple chooses to do a “first look”.  It is so much fun to watch the couples reaction when they see each other for the first time.  Their is so much love, excitement and overall raw emotion!  Elizabeth and Michael did not disappoint, they are so in love:)


After we finished the couples first look and photos we headed back to Sedona Rouge for their ceremony and reception.  The ceremony was held at the beautiful outdoor courtyard on the Sedona Rouge property.  Elizabeth’s adorable children, Faith & Noah participating in the wedding  as the flower girl and ring bearer.


After the sweet ceremony guest went to the scenic rooftop terrace for cocktail hour and the couple took time to dine alone before the reception.   At the reception guest enjoyed an amazing dinner catered by Reds, dancing and playing board games.


We always ask our couple to share a few things about their relationship and wedding.  Below is one of the sweetest proposal stories and other cute things about Elizabeth and Michael.  We wish Elizabeth, Michael, Faith and Noah a extremely happy future!  Thank you for sharing your amazing day with us!  ~Kristen

Do you both have any special traditions that have been incorporated through your marriage?

 “Not really, I think we both just try to make each other laugh as much as possible.”

Tell us about your proposal:

 “When Mike proposed I remember him saying “you’re perfect, this family is perfect, and I want to be a part of it.” It really meant a lot to me because he included my children and our family from the very beginning.”

 What is or are your favorite place(s) to go together?

 “We love Sedona, which is why we got married there.”



Wedding Coordinator:  Liz Moler

Venue: Sedona Rouge Resort & Spa

Floral: Bliss Extraordinary Floral

Cake: Bashas

Wedding Dress: David’s Bridal

DJ/Sound: Sedona Sounds

Hair & Make up: Tirzah Salon

Photography:  Kristen & associate Jake, Tangled Lilac Photography


September 08, 2012

Nicole and Max traveled all the way from northern Utah to be married on the red rocks of Sedona. They felt a special connection to this beautiful area and wanted to start their future while absorbing this natural beauty. The more they thought about their ceremony, and the more they thought about what they wanted to say with their hearts on the wedding day, they leaned more and more towards having a Native American wedding. Nicole and her family grew up with a strong appreciation of Native American culture that went back for many decades. In a reflection of this appreciation, she, her mother and daughter all wore pieces of heirloom turquoise jewelry of her Grandmother’s. I grew up in Georgia, just miles from the Cherokee Nation in North Carolina, and also, less than ten minutes from the start of the Trail of Tears. As such, I’ve always felt a special connection to all things Native American and appreciated all the wonderful traditions and special ceremonies. But, even though we’re surrounded in Arizona by Native Nations, and being a wedding photographer for so long, this was my first Native ceremony. Kristen and I were so honored to have been there to witness this special ceremony. Nicole looked stunning in her white sundress while carrying a simple bouquet of lilies. Patricia Vega, of Le Petit Salon, gave her the classic, polished look that complimented her to perfection. Uqualla, a medicine man of the Havasupai Tribe, delivered a powerful ceremony. I could go on and on about how much I loved this ceremony, but I’ll summarize it by saying that it was filled with promise, honor and appreciation for the gift of love. I hope you love the images as much as we loved witnessing this special union of the body and the spirits of Nicole and Max. Congratulations to you both and we hope you carry the special message of your ceremony’s words in your hearts forever. ~ Melissa

Red Rock Crossing

Native Feather Ceremony

shaman wedding

Red Rock Wedding

Turquoise Wedding Jewerly

Red Rock Ceremony

Red Rock Crossing Wedding

Wedding Vendors:

Medicine Man: Uqualla of the Havasuapai Tribe
Ceremony Site: Crescent Moon Ranch
Bridal Hair and Make-Up: Patricia Vega of Le Petit Spa de Sedona
Photography: Tangled Lilac Photography

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